Tendency of students to leave the school not yet stopped


Biratnagar, Falgun 19: Even though the government has been investing money to bring the groups of marginalized and Dalit students to school, there is still the increasing tendency of those targeted groups to leave the school.

Among the students who were enrolled in schools in Morang District, it was found that there was more number of students of Dalit groups who left the school.

 According to the statistical reports of the District Education Office Morang, 11.13 % of students who were enrolled in the academic year of 2073 had left the school. 6,396 students who were enrolled in 561 schools of the districts had left the school. Among the students who left the school 6.48 % of the students were Dalit. Rajendra Budhathoki, Assistant District Education Officer of District Education Office Morang, claimed that 1,26,017 students were studying in the school of the District.

With the aim to improve the quality of education District Education Mathat has distributed a budget of 2 billion 311 million and 617 thousand, which will be used for the teacher’s salary and expenses. Even though there was improvement in the quality of education of the community schools, most of the students of those schools were still found to be leaving in the middle of their study, said Assistant District Education Officer Rajendra Budhathoki. To keep the student in the school yearly 10 crores has been spent for the provision of scholarships and course materials.