Technical education for the 70% students of province no. one



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The 100 day program of the federal government of province no. one has been brought forward by council of ministers on the meeting of Falgun 20. Following the decision, federal government has announced on the 100 days program after the 19 days of its formulation.

The program consistes of 158 points. The points emphasize on the good governance, zero tolerance to corruption and other thinsgs. One of the tings that is included int he program is the provision of technical education to 70% of the students and theoretical educaiton to the remaining 30% students.

Also, the program mentions on forbididng the commercialization of the health sector and the regulaiton on the buying and selling of the alcohol and tobacco related products. Federal government will also establish an organized information center for the province and make provisions for the hearing of the public complains and the suggestions.

Province no. one also emphasizes on the development of the agricutlture and focusing on the growth of cash crops.  The province will be made self-dependent in the eggs, poultry and meat.

Similarly, the province will make changes in the tax management and make preparations for the budget allocation of the upcoming year within the 100 days.

(Source: Gorkhapatra)