Teachings effective after students started taking attendance of teachers


Arghakhanchi, Falgun 27: There was a time when teachers used to spend hardly 30 minutes in a class period of 45 minutes. But now in Arghakhanchi with the change in time, the situation is gradually changing.

The students have created an environment to come to class on time for the teachers who used to go to class after 10 minutes and left before 40 minutes of the class period. To improve the quality of education District Education Office Arghakhanchi has made a rule to mark the attendance of all the teachers of the district by the students. Due to this, the teachers have started to teach in class for the full time. Time is properly being utilized after attendance is taken for entering and exiting time of teachers and students.

Muna Panthi, a student of Janajyoti Secondary School, said that since the rule for taking attendance was made the classroom is never empty. The record of the teachers was directly submitted to the school’s administration, she informed. This rule which has already been implemented in the majority of schools of the district is being greatly effective. Students of Shanti Secondary School, located in Malarani Rural Municipality – 5, have also started taking attendance of teachers.

The principal of the school, Manbahadur Pandey, said that management of time was the main problem of the teachers and now after the students have started taking attendance this problem has been completely solved. It had been difficult to tell his co-workers every time, but after students started taking attendance they had to come regularly to class due to embarrassment, said Pandey. Pradip Bik, a student of Bhagwati Secondary School, Sankhetari said that after students started taking the attendance of teachers, the teachers started coming to class on time and now the teaching has been effective.

In all the schools of Khilji Source Centre of Bhumikasthan Municipality, the program for students taking the attendance of teachers has been started.

Janajyoti, Rabichitra, Bhagwati Secondary school and other schools located in the headquarters of Sandhikharka Municipality has also started this program, said Branch head of District Education Office, Choplal Belbase. District Education Officer Lil Bahadur Raut said that this program was launched with the aim to improve the education, and since the results were quite satisfactory this program will be made even more effective. At present, students take attendance of the teachers in 60 schools of the district and since the program was effective, other schools will also implement this rule form this year, said Raut.