Teaching in Birendra Multiple Campus disrupted due to Student and Management tussle



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 Teaching at the Birendra Multiple Campus here has been badly disrupted after the conflict between Nepal Student Union (NSU) and the campus management. Owing to the tension, six teachers including the campus chief have resigned en masse.

The tussle ensured after NSU set up a Saraswati temple on the campus premises in memory of a district leader, Shiva Poudel, who was killed in the jail.

Teachers as Govinda Sapkota, Dharma Bahadur Thapa, Khagraj Acharya, Arjun Prasad Sapkota and Dayanidhi Ghimire and Chief Dr Keshav Bhakta Sapkota resigned with the reason they could not tolerate with the encroachment upon the land the campus owns.

When the temple constructed by the NSU was demolished by another group of students on the day of Saraswati puja, the NSU blamed the campus management and began agitation. 

NSU Campus Unit Chair Bachan Karki informed that their agitation would not stop till the temple was reconstructed.

On the other hand, Unit Chair of All Nepal National Free Student Union, Bimal KC, demanded that campus management to resume the teaching.

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