Teachers in Strike after not receiving their Salary



Beni (Myagdi), Falgun 19: Teachers of Beni Municipality have gone into a strike after not receiving their salary on time.

Officers of Nepal National Teachers Association, Nepal Teachers Association, All Nepal Teacher’s Association and Nepal Teachers Council were in a strike for 3 hours in front of the office of the Municipality.

Various Teachers Association had submitted a memorandum on Falgun 2 demanding full salary to be given to teachers of Community schools, staffs and Child Education helpers by Falgun 9 in Banepa, Raghuganga and Annapurna Rural Municipality.  

Head of Nepal National Teachers Association, Degbahadur Baniya, said that they were forced to conduct a strike because the Rural Municipality of Banepa had distributed only half the salary, even though Annapurna Rural Municipality had already distributed the salary and Raghuganga were in the process of distribution.

The teachers were prepared to lock down the Municipality but with the presence of the Safety personals, they were forced to change the program of the strike. There is a total of 554 teachers in the schools of Banepa. In the previous week, Beni Municipality distributed 2 crores 64 lacs for the month of Mangshir and Paush.

Chief Executive Officer, Tejraj Sharma, has said that there was a problem when the authorization was not given to spend all the 12-crore budget (the required budget being 16 crores) which had been distributed by the Finance and Education Ministry.

After the teachers had gone into a strike, Annapurna in the previous week and Raghuganga on Wednesday, decided on providing full salary to teachers. Even though Dhaulagiri, Malika and Mangala Rural Municipality had distributed salary for the first and second quarter, the budget for the third quarter was not enough.