Teachers Service Commission to conduct internal and open competition simultaneously



Kathmandu- Teachers Service Commission is making preparations to conduct the internal and open competition for teacher simultaneously. According to the Commission, preparations are in the final phase to publish the advertisement for about 12 thousand 5 hundred positions.

Chairperson of the Commission Tana Gautam said that Teachers Service Commission will publish an advertisement for the 10 thousand positions in Primary Level only. Similarly, Mr. Gautam estimated that the Commission will publish the advertisement for about 2 thousand 5 hundred positions in Lower Secondary and Secondary Level.

"We are doing preparations, these are only estimated statistics," Gautam said. "The advertisement of open competition will be published soon," he added. The Commission has started to make preparations to publish the advertisement after the Department of Education finalized the number of vacant posts.

The examination for the permanent teachers of Primary Level is going to be conducted for the first time after 2069. "The selection examination for the selection of primary Level teachers is going to be conducted after a long time, so many numbers of teachers are needed," he added. The Commission had appointed Lower Secondary and secondary level teachers in 2071 and 2072 after conducting the examination. The commission is also preparing to conduct the examination of temporary teachers which was canceled before simultaneously.

The Commission had canceled the examination of temporary teachers which was going to be held on Chaitra 23 in order to conduct the examination of both internal and open competition simultaneously.

Advertisement of altogether 22 thousand 76 posts was published in which 23 thousand 3 hundred had filled up the application. "We will decide the date of internal examination after we publish the advertisement for open category," chairperson Gautam said. The examination had been canceled because of the different protests of temporary teachers and Students Union.

Education, Science, and Technology Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel said that the advice is given to the Commission to conduct both examinations at a single date. The commission has mentioned that it will manage the schedule so that the candidates can take part in the examinations of open category.

The internal examination is for the temporary teachers who have enrolled in service before 2072. While the temporary teachers were demanding that they should be given permanent status without taking the examinations, students union protested saying that the examination is a simple way to make the temporary teachers permanent.