Teachers to be paid from the local level



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Kathmandu, May 29: The government has incorporated the provision of distributing school teachers' salary and of those hired to run early childhood development education classes from the local-level.
The government announced this in the budget speech Monday. The government's annual estimate of income and expenditure for the upcoming fiscal year presented by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Krishna Bahadur Mahara at the Legislature-Parliament stated that besides teachers' remuneration, education materials, textbooks and scholarships amount up to grade 10 would be managed by the local-level.

The highest portion of education budget is spent to pay teachers and employees. The government policy and programmes for the new fiscal year that were presented at the Legislature-Parliament on May 25 handed the responsibility of supervising the education system up to the secondary level to the local-level. The provision of handing the responsibility of operating education up to the secondary level has been included in the schedule of the constitution. In the existing education system, education up to class 12 is taken as the secondary education.

Likewise, the budget has taken the policies of giving continuity to the school sector development programmes and providing free education up to the secondary level.

The budget has adopted the policy of promoting curriculum-based technology-friendly education, bringing those school age children out of school to school education network and mobilising University graduates as technical and social volunteers in nation building efforts. Besides, the budget has allocated amount to establish a technical skill development center and the Bidushi Yogmaya Technical University. RSS