Support for Children who lost their Parents



Khotang: District Children Welfare Committee of Khotang has helped the children who lost their parents. 

After the death of the parents, it has decided to help in their study with Rs.  15,000 to 14 years Sabina Rai, 11 years old Toyami Rai and 8 years old Nautan Rai. 

The children, who are living in one of their relatives named Sharan Kumar Rai, now has been decided to be helped by District Children Welfare Committee. 
Head of Office of Women and children, Bhuwan Rai of Khotang said that the decision to help three children is based upon the request for an educational assistance. 

It is informed that parentless children, Sabina, Toyami, and Nautan are kept safely in Kathmandu, Itahari, and Jhapa respectively in their relatives’ house. 

Similarly, District Children Welfare Committee have decided to help for the arrangement of residence for mentally weak students of Siddeshwori Primary School, Diktel Rupakot of Majhuwagadi Municipality, Mudey as well. They have decided to provide Rs. 25,000 for their needs. 

For the management of residence for the mentally weak students and the person with disabilities, Chief District Officer, Santosh Subedi, Head of District Education Coordination Unit, Thakur Dhahal were given responsibility whereas for the assistance of children, head of  Women and Children Office, Bhuwan Rai has been given the responsibility.