Subject-wise Teachers License examination from now on-wards



Teachers Service Commission has started the preparations for the subject wise teachers license examination from the next examinations to be held for the license. The teachers of the lower secondary and secondary level will be given the subject wise license if they get through the license examinations from now onwards.

According to the administrative officer and the assistant secretary of the commission Tulsi Prasad Thapaliya, the preparations for the curriculum of the subject wise examination have begun. The curriculum will soon be approved and then brought to implementation. Before this, teachers were tested on the basis of a common curriculum which provided them with a common license to teach any of the subjects.

This arrangement will help the teachers get the license on the basis of the subject wise examination. He further adds that the commission is also preparing for testing the expertise of teachers in a particular subject by conducting an examination. In the future, the commission will invite the teachers who want to sit for the examination in the expertise in a particular examination and then get the certification of expertise in a particular subject.

The expert teachers could be employed by the Education Ministry, Department of Education, Curriculum Development Centre, Examination Controller Office and the Teachers Service Commission itself. Currently, the work of preparing questions in the examinations, printing them and curriculum development is conducted by the people who have access and source. The commission is hopeful that the provision of the subject wise teachers license examination and the expertise examination will help to bring correct and necessary changes to the development of education sector.

 (Source: Kantipur)