Students’ Union tear answer sheet



Kathmandu: A dissatisfied group of students tore up the answer sheet of the entrance examination in the Nepal Law Campus, Pradarshani Marga regarding the dispute about the implementation of the quota system. 

A group of students have attacked a campus assistant, Uddhav Thapa. According to DSP Mohan Thapa, the group also destroyed the answer sheets of entrance exam conducted for admission in LLB. He said, "The group entered and destroyed the papers when teachers were analyzing them." Thapa also mentioned that the group also insulted the group of teachers alongside attacking office assistant. He also informed that the group locked down the Dean Office and Exam Controller Office. Thapa informed that they are in search of the group.

Dean of Faculty of law, Tara Prakash Sapkota, said, "A group destroyed the papers which are being checked as well as the papers yet to be analyzed and threw them in the campus premises." Dissatisfied students lockdown the Dean Office after took Dean Sapkota out of office. Dean said, "The office assistant was attacked while trying to stop."

Office of the Dean has decided to implement the quota system. So, the entrance examination had been taken for the admission of the students. There is a division of students in two parts who are in favor and opposition to the quota system. Central Union of Committee had disagreed with Dean Office for the implementation of the quota system. On the other hand, other students disagreed with the decision and made an agreement to implement the quota system. Due to the double pressure of the student union, 

This year, there are 6,510 students to participate in the entrance examination. As per the seat, only 3,800 students get chance to get admitted. Along with Nepal Law Campus, there are 7 campuses who have assigned the quotas. In one academic session of law campus,  there are 880 seats in Nepal Law Campus and 500 seats. 500 seats each for six campuses running the program. However, in Law campus as well, in an initial phase, 500 seats were allocated but under the pressure of the Student Committee, it has exceeded 800. Among students, there are a group of students who agree on the implementation of the quota system to make it systematic and qualitative whereas there are another group of students who disagree on the inclusion of quota system. Dean office and Campus administration are in the dilemma which has affected the study.