Students tempted towards Tuition



Rasuwa, Falgun 20: The number of students in the schools of the northern region of the district has slowly decreased after the students have started taking tuitions for their SEE examinations. To study tuitions students of class 10 of schools in Aamachodingmo Rural Municipality have been leaving the schools. Parents said that since there was the no suitable environment to study, students were leaving the school 5/6 months before their SEE Examinations.

The tendency of Grade 10 students of Nepal National Secondary School, Parwatikunda Secondary School and Haku Secondary School to leave the school just after their Dashain-Tihar holidays has increased.

The principal of Nepal National Secondary School, Nabin Lama, informed that the students were taking tuitions for their SEE examinations in Syafru, Kalikasthan, Dhunche and Kathmandu. The temptations of students to study tuition has been a fashion.

He said, seven students who were giving the SEE examinations from the school had already left the school. In this year, the number of students who were taking part in the SEE examination was 14 at first, later on, the number decreased to 11 students and finally, the number has decreased to 7 students.

There has been an increase in the number of students from Thuman, Langtang, Budhim and Timure who rent a room in Kalikasthan for study, said Umarlal Yadav, Principal of Parwatikunda Secondary School, Goljung.

The reasons for the increasing number of students to leave to leave the school were: having to help in the home, lack of subject teachers in the village schools and imitation of others. Principal Umarlal Yadav said that even though the students studied for 6 months in the school and for 5 months they studied elsewhere, there had been no improvement in the quality of education. Children were sent to Kathmandu to study because the quality of education in the village was not good, said Pembajemo Tamang of Gotlang. Since they could not afford the expenses for the rent which would enable their children to study in Kathmandu for the whole year, they had to send the child for tuitions 5/6 months before the examinations.

Parents said that their children could prepare for their studies from the experts of all subjects in the facilitated area and so as a reason they had to leave the school and be sent for tuition. This year 776 students of Rasuwa are attending the SEE Examinations. According to District Education Office Rasuwa, 743 students in regular and 33 students in partial were preparing for the examinations.

District Education Office informed that there were five test centers namely: Syafru, Dhunche, Bogatitar, Kalikasthan and Jibjibe. District Education Officer, Homnath Neupane, said that with the date for the examinations getting closer, the work of managing the test centers and sending the symbol number of students to the school had been completed. In the previous year, 179 students in partial and 756 students in regular with a total of 935 students had attended the SEE Examination representing 21 Community and 4 private schools. The preparation for the examination which is going to be conducted on Chaitra 8 is in the final level, said District Education Officer Neupane.