Students scrupulous on selection of medical colleges


Vikas Raj Satyal

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Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj invited 1 thousand 6 hundred students for the open house counselling program from among the 3 thousand 3 hundred students who passed the IOM entrance of MBBS program. The counselling programs was conducted for two days in which 800 students were called and made to select the colleges on each of Thursday and Friday.

Interaction was conducted to determine the preference of the students for the medical colleges.

Despite of the colleges now following the regulations and criteria set by the government regarding the fees and the students admission, 6 out of 8 colleges of Tribhuvan University face many seats unfulfilled so far.

Only two colleges, Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj and Nepal Army Institute of Health Sciences (Army Medical College) have got all of their seats fulfilled.

Among the remaining 6, National Medical College, Birgunj had no any students interested to study MBBS in the college. Similarly,Janaki Medical College of Janakpur had only 2 students. These two colleges had 81 and 72 seats provided by TU for MBBS.

The students have to be admitted within one week in their selected colleges through online application. The application will be verified by the Examination Controller Office IOM and submitted through the IOM itself.

Students who have had scores up-to minimum 78% got the chance to admit in the IOM. According to the senior Heart Specialist Doctor Bhagwan Koirala, the colleges have lost their faith among students and parents due to which students have not shown interest in these colleges. The scenario of lack of students in these medicalcolleges have also been influenced by the last conflict in the MBBS entrance of IOM.

According to the registrar of Nepal Medical council, Dr. Dilip Sharma, the choice of students who were reluctant to study in the renowned medical colleges have taught them a lesson to improve in their teaching and education standards.

Sharma also adds that the students approaching for foreign study is also minimum this year so the students might have been waiting for one more year to study on scholarships.