Students of Rolpa walk 4 hours to reach school



Students of Dolakha have to cover a walking distance of about 4 hours reaching th school.

The students of Bageshwari Secondary School of Rolpa Muncipality,9, Whama are compelled to walk a distnce of 4 hours while going to and returning from school. The students must go through the misery due to unavailability of the any secondary school in near-by area. This huge amount of the time of the day spent in walking to reach and return from the school has immensely affected the children’s studying time and other important activities. This negatively affects their health.

Other schools that lie in the near-by area are the Gapa of Dhawang, Tutu of Mirul, Kharibot of Kureli, Madichaur of Jankot and Liwang headquarter that are also very far for the students. Therefore, students are left with the choice of either leaving the study after lower secondary level or completing the school by walking through the long distance each day.

Students express their problem that they do not get time to study while a large amount of time is spent in walking to reach the school and then return home.

(Source: RSS)