Students pursuing higher studies decline after grading system



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It was the expectation from Government and the National Examination board that after implementation of the grading system students won’t have to fear of being fail and then the number of students leaving the school would decrease. However, the aim to get the students continue studying has been not so successful so far.

In last two years, 20% of the students who appeared the SEE examination have not been able to pursue higher studies. Examination Controller Ambika Prasad Regmi states that the analysis of the students who did not go for further studies about their career development and academics should be done.

According to the data, 9.72% of those of 2072 and 9.82% of those in last year have left class 10 itself. Regmi says that the students have developed a wrong attitude towards the study since the provision of no one getting failed in the grading system.

In the SEE of 2072, there were  4 lacs 52 thousand 8 hundred and 81 students who appeared in the exam. However, only 3 lacs 52 thousand 9 hundred and 62 students went for grade 11 admission.

The same year, a total of 37 thousand 9 hundred and 51 students got admitted to CTEVT for technical education. The total number of students including the general and technical stream who got admitted in 2073 was 3 lacs and 81 thousand.

The total number of students who appeared the exam-date examinations of 2072 was only 18,909. By the calculation of the exam-date students and those who got admitted in both the streams reveals that 44 thousand did not study further than grade 10.

4 lacs 64 thousand students appeared for the SEE of 2073 but only 3 lacs 54 students registered for the grade 11 in the NEB.

Education expert Mana Prasad Wagle explains that the students who have not sufficient learning are also not declared as failed. However, when they pursue for the admission in 11 or CTEVT the qualifications and scores don’t qualify. This leads to students being discouraged for the admission in grade 11 or CTEVT.

Wagle further adds that the students have been careless in studying hard when they know that they will not be made fail any ways and be able to get admitted in grade 11.

The students who appeared for the exam-date examinations was over 1 lac in the past years. However, after the implementation of grading system the students appearing for the exam-date examinations has decreased to 18 thousand and 24 thousand in the year 2073 and 2074 consecutively.

On the better side of SEE, the number of girl students have increased in the past 4 years. In the year, 2070 male students exceeded the females by 5000. However, in the years 071 to 74 the female students have increased in number. However, there are more males in the technical study. Out of the total 8 thousand and 7 hundred students in technical education, 5 thousand are males whereas only around 3 thousand are females.

(source: Makar Shrestha, Kantipur)