Students provided with psycho-social counselling



Jajarkot, Feb 23: Psycho-social counselling service has been provided to the students of the Panchabhar Secondary School at Jikuwa of Nalgad Municipality.

Many girl students at the school fell sick due to an unknown disease for three weeks. The school had to be closed for three days as more and more girl students started falling sick.

Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS), the National News Agency, had reported this incident under the title – Increasing Number of Girl Students Falling Sick Due to Unknown Disease.

An organization called Centre for Environmental and Agricultural Development (CEAD) on Thursday sent a team led by its psycho-social counsellor Nirmala Budha to the school after this news was disseminated.

Ram Bikram Shah of CEAD said that on the basis of the symptoms of the disease the team concluded that it was a psychological problem and it has started providing psycho-social counselling to the students at the school.

The locals had been consulting with the village shamans and offering goat sacrifices thinking that a local goddess has been angry after the girl students and female teachers also started shaking their body and crying.

The locals have criticized the District Education Office and the District Health Office for not paying attention to this problem despite its presence for many days. The teaching-learning activities at the school have remained affected for three weeks now.