Students protest against the 9th amendment of Education Act



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Students from Education stream of Tribhuvan University have launched a protest, threatening the government to withdraw its decision to give permanent status to a majority of temporary teachers without competitive tests. Students demonstrated the protest in Maitighar on Thursday. 

The reaction followed after the Teachers Service Commission on Wednesday called the vacancies in over 20,000 of the positions based on the ninth amendment in Education Act.

The amendment allows the temporary teachers to be priviliged by all the benefits of Permanent Teachers even if they fail the exam of the TSC taken for the Permanenet Teachers.

The decision received a wide criticism across the country.  

TSC has also reserved 2/3rd of the vacant postiions for the temporary teachers while only 1/3rd is to go for free competition.

The case filed against the 9th amendment in the Education Act is still pending while TSC has already called for the applications to fill the vacant positions.

The hearing of the case filed against the 9th amendment provision to provide the state facilities to the temporary teachers is scheduled on Friday.

The government has issued 700,000 teaching licences, after conducting tests, which has been a mandatory provision for appointing teachers until the new change. 

In a statement released on Thursday, the struggle committee has said that it will start a hunger strike if the court verdict goes against. They have asked the government to call open vacancies where the fresh graduates and temporary teachers are allowed to contest the tests. 

Temporary teachers get the jobs in public schools on the basis of recommendation and not by fighting the tests. According to the agitating students, the government and political parties are conspiring to destroy the public education. 

Over 6 million students study in around 29,000 public schools across the nation and there are 26,000 temporary teachers who are in the profession on the basis of political background.