Students of M.Sc. Physics bewildered by the TU rules about thesis submission



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Students of M.Sc. Physics of Institute of Science and Technology, TU have been unclear about the submission of theisis due to ambiguous rules.

According to IOST rules, a student is eligible to submit the thesis in the fourth semester if h/she has passed the first and second semester examinations and has maximum 2 back papers in the third semester.

However, the Physics Committee of TU says that the thesis should be submitted in the early third semester. This rule has been described as injustice by the students. As TU also doesn’t conduct the chance examinations on time, many students have to wait for their examinations to start their thesis. A total of 60 students have been deprived of writing thesis due to the delay in the chance examinations.

A student who was admitted to the program in 2072 gives his first semester examinations in the Poush of 2073. The result of which gets published after 6 months. Now, since he has one back paper, he has to wait for the chance examination that is to be conducted in the upcoming Mangshir 26 of 2074. Till then he cannot start or proceed on his thesis.

Students of Physics have been thus complaining about the unsatisfactory rule of having have to be passed first semester to submit thesis and that too within the third semester.

In addition to that the Central department of Physics TU has specified that the supervisor of the thesis student must be a Ph.D. which has brought more complications.

According to the Dean of the Institute of Physics, Ram Prasad Khatiwada, a letter has already been sent to the Physics Subject Committee to consider the students problem and resolve the problem as soon as possible. The correspondence and actions have been taken by the Dean as per the combined complain filed by the coordinators from different colleges whose students bear the problem brought about by this rule.