Students leave the school without completion of primary level education


Kathmandu: With the government emphasizing in admission, the financial survey released by the Ministry of Finance on Sunday pointed out that it is challenging to keep the students in school till grade 8. The survey has mentioned that there is the rise of students leaving the school without even completing grade 8.

The government has made the policy for restraining the services to an individual who has not completed grade 8, however, the survey shows that only 77 percent of students are able to complete grade 8. The survey also shows that 7 percent of the students repeat the class whereas rest 4 percent leave the class before completion. The proposal illustrated that ‘ In order to encourage the student to complete their school level, there needs to be an extra effort’. Also, in the constitution, it is mentioned that an individual needs to complete class 8. However, the rate of students who do not complete that level is increasing. Thus, it can be seen as one of the challenges for attaining the aim in the education field.

The proposal revealed that there is the decreasing percentage of the involvement of the student. In the academic year, 2074, the admission had increased to more than 95 percent from class 1 to 5. However, the admission rate had been decreasing respectively from class 10, 11 and 12.  The admission percent from class 6 to 8 had decreased to 87.  Out of the total participation in SEE, 41 percent students got less than 1.95 GPA. The reports state that the investments in education have not yielded good results. 

The number of students leaving the school without even completing the basic education is higher in province 2 compared to the other provinces. In the same province,  there is the high number of students leaving the school without completing class 8. Moreover, in Karnali Province and Province 5, it can be seen that more than 12 percent of students who have completed class 5 are not admitted to class 6 i. In higher level also, the percentage of getting admitted has decreased. The students getting admitted in class 11 and 12 is 22 percent. The proposal states, ‘ The number of students enrolled in further education after SEE is very few.’ Only 50 percent of students pass the examinations. 

Even though the students are admitted from class 1 to 12,  the number of students who leave the class before completion is quite high. Students leave the class due to failure in examinations and other issues which refrain them from completing their education. There are only 57 percent students completing class 10 out of the total admitted students. Similarly, 17 percent students are able to complete +2.  The director of Education department, Baburam Paudel said, ‘ The study has been started in regard to the trend of students leaving the school.’  He further added, ‘ After studying the issue about the trend of students leaving the school in the districts of Terai, we found 11/12 reasons of students leaving the study half-way. The main reason was poverty.’  Furthermore,  he also informed that in order to encourage the students to come to the school, they have taken the help of parents and have initiated food program. He added, "Along with the emphasis in admission, we will find out the reason as well as solutions of students leaving the school."

Source : Kantipur