Students of Information Technology on Protest


Kathmandu: Students of Computer Science and Information Technology are on protest when the government changed the central organization structure by deducting the number of posts of Computer Officer and adding the number of posts of Computer Engineer.

On Baisakh 4, Council of Ministers had approved to change the central organization structure of 34 departments under various ministries.

 According to the newly formed organization structure, 29 posts of Computer Officer has been deducted but 21 posts of Computer Engineer has been increased in 19 departments. The concerned authority has accused the government of building a structure for the monopoly of computer engineers.

Sushant Poudel, President of former university students and ex-students, who completed master’s from Tribhuvan University on Computer Science and Information Technology, said, "This issue was solved when the government decided to keep the Information Technology Officer by Federal Affairs and Local Development Ministry. It’s not that this subject is not in the information of the government but we are trying to find whether  the same mistake has been repeated again due to negligence and we are trying to grab the attention of concerned authority.”

When asked about the majority of people being promoted from computer operator to the position of computer officer, he responds that this issues will not be solved by removing these positions. 

 He added, Is it logical to block the opportunity for the skilled individual due to existing number of the majority? Furthermore, He cleared with the statement saying that there is a necessity of giving the priority to an individual who has graduated in Computer Science for the post of Computer Engineer. 

 He insisted that only qualified candidates are selected through Public Service Commission.  Moreover, he stressed that there need not be discrimination between people having same syllabus and ability.

 All over the world, the subjects like Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Computer Science are same.  In Nepalese context only, there is the implementation of the Faculty-based system and the formation of the council which ultimately discriminates in getting the opportunity. This system needs to be changed.

 There are almost 2000 students graduating from Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Technology and more than 200 students graduating with Masters in Computer Science and Information Technology under Tribhuvan University along with other Universities. Annually two students have completed their Ph. D from the Central Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Tribhuvan University.  The Universities have been able to produce skilled manpower in different sectors in the governmental field. Along with this, they are being successful to have their presence in some of the world ’s renowned Tech companies like Microsoft and Apple.

-Nepal Aaja  TV