Students forced to study in open ground



Falewas, Parbat, Chaitra 8: Students of a school in a rural village of the district are forced to study in an open ground because the school building which was destroyed by the earthquake has not been reconstructed yet. 

Students have been forced to study under the open sky after the seven-room building of Aambari School located in Bihadi Rural Municipality – 2 of Parbat, which was damaged by the devastating earthquake of 2072 B.S. was not reconstructed. 

‘The building which was damaged by the earthquake has not be re-constructed yet,’ said Chairman of School Management Committee, Govinda Prasad Paudel, ‘We are forced to teach the students in the open ground. In the winter seasons, there is a problem to teach under the open sky due to rain.’

Even though the proposals were sent for the reconstruction of the building from the source centre to the District Education Office, the final decision would be in favor of other schools, he said. Currently, there are 340 students enrolled in the school. Due to the storms, the building could collapse at any time and it was also a problem to teach the students in the open ground, said Principal of the school, Ganesh Sharma Paudel. 

‘We had been conducting classes in the damaged building for 2 years. But after the storm caused even more damage to the building, there was no other option than the open sky,’ since the rainy season had started he said that the building could collapse at any time.

Kamal Bhusal, chairman of the Rural Municipality, said that he was sentient to make the students able to use the rights after they had gone on a strike because the condition of the school was pitiful. 
The Rural Municipality which did not address the construction of the building in the previous village assembly has now shown commitment to help in the work of the building construction in the upcoming village assembly. 

The District Education Office, however, stated that budget for the construction of the school building could not be distributed in the current fiscal year. District Education Officer, Rameshraj Paudel, said that in the upcoming year budget would be demanded from the upper level and it would be distributed from even the local levels so that the building can be constructed.