Students from different classes study in a single classroom


Siddhi (Chitwan) Jestha 26: Due to the lack of classrooms, a primary school of Siddhi, Chitwan has been teaching the students of two classrooms in a single room for 10 years. 

Dautesh Primary School of Kalika Municipality -01 had been compelled to teach the students of grade 2 and 3 in the same classroom. The school consist of three rooms. However, only two rooms are used for teaching whereas one is for official purpose and staff room. 

The school lies in an urban area of the Municipality where the classes run up to grade 3 and all students are from Chepang community.  Due to the unavailability of classes, students of classes Nursery and 1 are studying in one room whereas students of grade 2 and 3 are studying in another room.

“Due to the lack of classroom, we are obliged to teach students of four classes in two classrooms”,  said the principal, Anjana Shrestha. “ We have sought for the help for School Management Committee and peoples’ representative but there no initiation had been made.” 

She added that most of the subjects of 2 and 3 have the same curriculum which makes it easier to teach. She further said that "We would have taught them in different classrooms if we had another room, we had been forced to teach them in the same classroom due to the lack of rooms."

Chairperson of the School Management Committee, Dhan Bahadur Praja informed that since the establishment of a school in 2055 BS, the school had been conducting classes in this way. He added that if the donors would help, the school is ready to be built. However, the area or land in which school is built is not in the name of the school which creates an issue. 

As per the record of school, in this academic year in the nursery class, 6 students got admitted. In the previous year also, 6 students were admitted in the same class. Out of them, three were repeaters. In class 1, 5 students were repeating the same class.  Moreover, there are 11 students in class 2 and 10 students in class 3.  

The trend of leaving the school halfway has made the leaders of Chepang community anxious.  “There is the provision of learning however students are not being able to continue their study”, said  Principal Shrestha. She further added that Chepang community is ignorant towards the importance of education. 

One of the parents, Jeet Bahadur Praja feels that due to their own weakness, they are lagging behind.  “Still if we tend to act in the same pattern, then coming generation will face adversity." 

Similarly, another parent, Hari Bahadur Praja agrees that unless the people develop the concept of educating their child, the community won’t progress. He further added, “ Our generation faced hardships hence, attaining an education is vital if coming generation want to live their life happily.” 

Source : Gorkhapatra