Students devoid of practical work due to the poor condition of lab



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The students of Valmeeki Vidhyapeeth which is a constituent college of the Nepali Sanskrit university are devoid of practical work in Astrology due to the lack of a proper lab.

The college’s lab for astrological stuides is currrently infested with the cockroaches and mice making it totally unsuitable for the students to carry out the practical work. The laboratory has accumulated dust, cobwebs and garbage.

The college was used to run laboratory observations of astronomy and scholastic experiments some years back using the equipment of the lab. The telescopes,  theotical light and equipments imported from Japan were used for observing the spatial incidents and the astronomical phenomena. It was a place for seeing the eclipses and asteroids in the space for the school children only ten years ago.

Ten years before, the students were able to observe the proximity of the Mars to the earth when it came closest to our planet using the lab's telescope. It had been a hub for the astronomical observations.

However, due to lack of propoer maintenance and care, the lab has gathered dust and remains in an unused state. The students are compelled to carry out their studies without the practical work and are limited to their theoretical studies only.

The Campus Chief, Ganesh Ghimire informs that the lab has been in wrecked state after the earthquake and it has not been renovated due to the lack of budget. He also informed that they have requested for the repair and reconstruction to the concerned authority.