Students awarded with Nepal Vidhya Bhusan and Nepal Chhatraa Vidhya Padak



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In a program organized on the occasion of National Education Day on Saturday, president Ram Baran Yadav awarded Nepal Vidhya Bhusan and Nepal Chhatraa Vidhya Padak to 236 students for excellence in different field of studies.  

Altogether 198 students received Nepal Bidhya Bhusan, including 129 under “A” category to those who had shown excellence in PhD. Similarly, 54 students who were topper at the masters´ level in different faculties received the medal “B”, whereas 15 under the “C” category were awarded for their outstanding performance at bachelor´s level. 

Twenty eight girl toppers at bachelor´s level were awarded with the Nepal Chhatraa Padak, a medal that aims to encourage girls´ education in the country. Likewise, 10 female toppers at plus two and certificate level of various faculties also received the medal on the occasion. 

Speaking at the program, President Yadav stressed on taking immediate steps to improve the degrading education system.  “In a bid to guarantee quality education to make the students proficient to compete in any part of the world, both the government and the institutions need to improve their own strategy,” he said.