​Status of “Free Secondary level education in Nepal”



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The Secondary level education has been regarded as the fundamental rights of the citizen and there is the provision of providing it free of cost in Nepal’s Constitution.

Also, the management of the Secondary level education is to be done by the local level administration as per the constitution.

The recent amendment in the constitution has considered grade 9 to 12 as Secondary Level Education.

However, Government is still unclear on what to be included in the so called free of cost education. Additionally, many political parties still consider grade 10 as the upper limit of  Secondary Education.

The government has allocated only 10% of the budget for educaiton sector and the  ignorance of the government to assure free of cost education may be due to insufficiency of the budget.

The political parties have included the provision of free and compulsory education, quality education, technical and vocational education, free access, education sector as peace zone in their manifesto for the upcoming election Similarly, a policy will be developed to produce 30% skilled manpower in non-technical and 70% manpower in technical field.

Political parties have made several promises including scholarships to the top-scoring students of marginalized groups and giving away cycles to the students who get admitted to +2 level in Terai-Madhesh region.

According to the National Planning Commisssion,  the percentage of the school going children has increased from 50% in 2048 BS to 97% in 2073. Similarly, the percentage of literate age group of 15-24 has increased from 50% to 90%.

In conclusion, free and accessible education has been stressed at a priority level but the implementaiton is yet to be made.

(Source: Gorkhapatra)