Speech competition for the differently-abled students



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On the occasion of 26th International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a special school level program of speech competition was organized for the students with disabilities in Simkot of Rukum. It is the very first time that any such school level program has been organized for the differently-abled students

The program was organized by the coordination of Women and children’s Office. The theme of the program was kept as “No one should be left behind to create a lasting and equitable community and everyone should get together to apply that into disability”.

Students with disabilities in hearing, sight and mouth from grade8, 9, and 10 participated in the competition. The winners were presented with prizes and consolation prizes to other participants.

 Also, eight students who have been performing academically well in  secondary level examianitons were also awarded.

The attendees of the program included the Chief of the Women and children’s Office, Punam Regmi and Chief District Officer, Lakshi Prasad Baskota.

(Source: Gorkhapatra)