Special Enrollment Campaign launched



Kathmandu- Government has decided to conduct 'Special Enrollment Campaign' to enroll 60 thousand children who are out of schools. After a meeting held on Sunday, the Council of Ministers has decided to start a second phase enrollment campaign and complete the enrollment of remaining students up to Ashadh 15. The spokesperson of the Government and Minister of Communication and Information Technology Mr. Gokul Baskota said that this campaign is launched to enroll the students who missed the enrollment campaign of Baishakh.

The statistics of the 'National Enrollment Campaign' held in Baishakh showed that 59 thousand 7 hundred 33 children missed out enrollment. During that period, the campaign was launched such that each person took the responsibility of admission of one student. Prime Minister KP Oli had also taken over the guardianship of children and admitted them to schools. Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology after finding that many children had missed the enrollment, proposed a second phase enrollment campaign which was approved by the Council of Ministers. The past enrollment campaign was launched by the Central Government. Province and Local Government will also take part in the second phase enrollment campaign.