SLC results of community schools of Valley satisfactory


The Rising Nepal

The School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam results of the community schools of Kathmandu Valley was satisfactory compared with their results for the whole nation, which stood at 46 per cent.

In Kathmandu, 78.65 per cent students from community schools got through the examination. Likewise, for Lalitpur, the percentage was 73.

In the community schools of Kathmandu, 6, 806 students passed out of 8, 645 students sitting the exams. Of them, 517 students scored distinction 3,581 secured the first division, and 2,666 passed in the second division. Forty two students were placed in the third division.

Jagadish Upreti, a community school student, secured the highest marks from Kathmadu district. A student of Gyanodaya Secondary School, Upreti got 93.25 in this year’s SLC. He is also the topper from community schools.

Similarly, in Lalitpur, 73 students secured distinction, 805 students passed in the first division, 870 passed in the second division and 10 in the third division. Six community schools, Pragati Higher Secondary School, Kupandol, Lubhu Secondary School, Lubhu, Krishna Higher Secondary School, Dhapakhel, Bishwamitra Higher Secondary School, Lubhu, Padma Prakash Secondary School, Dhapakhel, Shringeri Secondary School, Lamatar, saw 100 per cent of their students passing SLC for the year.

The result is satisfactory in comparison to other parts of the country. However, compared to the results of the private schools, community schools fared worse. This year, 93.83 per cent students of the private schools passed the SLC. From Lalitpur, 95.8 per cent private school students got through.

However, in the case of Bhaktapur district, only 59 per cent students from the community schools passed the SLC exams.

An official of the District Education Office, Bhaktapur, said that the results of the areas with better facilities were better than those in other parts of the district. Out of 36 community schools of Bhaktapur, only eight schools saw more than eighty per cent pass rate. In other parts, lack of qualified teachers was the cause for poor results, the official said.

In aggregate 87.36 per cent, 88 per cent and 80 per cent students passed from Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur districts respectively.

Talking about the satisfactory results of the community schools of Kathmandu valley, Biddya Nath Koirala, education expert, said community schools of the urban area are in a big pressure for their existence due to the high competition with private schools. So, the results were better, he said.

Another factor could be that the authorities put more pressure on urban area schools for better performance than on those from the remote parts. Yet another reason was that educated people were in the management committee as members these days, Koirala added.

Koirala said if the community schools results improved that way, the pressure should be transferred to the remote area schools and locals might be active to manage quality in education.