Six earthquake destroyed school buildings of Sindhupalchowk district reconstructed



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Six school buildings  of Sindhupalchowk district have been reconstructed and donated to the concerned parties by the Nepal Hilfey Wile Greece organization of Germany.

The schools were constructed by the same organizations and since now the earthquke wrecked them the same organization has reconstrcuted them.

The schools to be reconstructed include the  eight roomed building, compound wall, two bathrooms and the water supply of the Sukute Aadharbbhut Bidhyalaya, Kadambadevi School of Kalidevi, Gyan Mandir Namuna of Melchaur and so on.

Due to lack of the reconstruction for the past years the students were compelled to study under the temporary shelters made by the District eduaciton office. After, 2 years of studying in inconvenience, the student finally get to study in their own classes.

The total estimate of the re-construction has been said to be 67 million.

According to the local source the total number of classrooms that have been reconstructed or newly built is 97.

The Nepal Hilfey Wilegreece organization of Germany has been working in the School construction field in the district from last 25 years.

(Source: RSS)