SEE examiantions in the provincial structure from next year



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The National Examination Board, Sanothimi is responsible for the conduction of the SEE examinations according to the 8th amendment in the Education Act passed in 2072 B.S. However, the Examination Controller Office had conducted the last year’s SEE examination due to the delay in implementation of the Education Law. Although, it was a responsibility of the Examination Board.

The chairman of the National examination Board has said that the Examination Controller office is also a part of the Board and the examinations were conducted in the name of Board as per the constitution.

According to the chairman, the SEE examination are to be taken on the provincial level. However, due to the incomplete provincial structure of the country the examinations have to be conducted from the central level.

On the other hand, the National Examination Board has been said that it is preparing for the provincial level examinations to begin it from the upcoming year.

The regional centers of the board will be converted to the provincial offices which will be handed over the responsibility of the examinations.

The board is collecting the necessary manpower and resources for the conduction of the examination at the provincial level from the upcoming academic session.