SEE Evaluation Procedure Finalized: NEB


June 14, 2021

For this year's Secondary Education Examination (SEE), the final marking will be decided on the internal evaluation made by respective schools. Schools are required to submit the evaluation to the respective education development and coordination unit by Ashar 20, 2078. 

The internal evaluation will first come from the respective subject teachers which are then submitted for the principal's approval, who again submits it to the evaluation/marking committee. The committee after proofing then finally submits it to the unit.

As per Examination Controller, Rudra Adhikari, the provision has been made to set up the evaluation/marking committee, which will be made up of the Principal and faculties teaching Mathematics, Science, English, and an expert faculty. He added that the provision was made in order to address the complaints received last year regarding random marking as the responsibility was entirely borne by only one party.

The internal examination scores of any subject will carry 75% weightage and the other 25% will be calculated on the basis of assignments, attendance, and project work. However, in the case of practical subjects, the theoretical part will carry 55% weightage, the practical will carry 25% weightage and 20% will be based on assignments, attendance, and project work.

Again in the case of schools that haven't been able to conduct internal examinations, the provision has been made for them to carry out any form of internal examination for assessing the students' performance.

The provision also requires schools to provide valid remarks if any student is to be provided with more than 80% of the score.