Science day being observed today



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The Ministry of science and Technology is going to mark the "Science Day" by awarding the students who are the top scorers of Science, winners of the different quiz contest and two of the participants who wrote the best slogans for the Science day.

The day was founded to be celebrated during the tenure of the-then Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai on the ocassion of commemoration of the establishment of the Amrit Science Campus. Although, it has been five years that this day has been marked and ought to be celebrated nation wide, common people and many sectors are still unaware of the existence of this day and the overall importance of Science.

Secretary of The Ministry of Science and Teechnology, Sanjay Sharma explains that beside the fact that there is no enough budget for Science and Technology, this is the most neglected field among the nation’s priorities.

The current fiscal year has allocated 1 billion and 20 crores amount of the budget for the science and technology, however 90% of the so budget is spent in the administrative process and the salary and bonus of the employees.

A Science and Technology fund was established in the year 2061 BS which does not work currently. The ministry which was established 21 years ago does not have any departmental or district-level offices till now which is a very unfortunate thing.” says Secretary Sharma. It is likely that this MInistry could be merged into any other Ministry after the election of Mangshir.

The International Science Day is observed on November 12 which was started by UNESCO since 2002 AD.

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