Schools operating without approval hapahazard



The schools of Gaur Municipality, Rautahat district have been operating against the law. Various schools which have got the permission are running the excess number of classes than permitted.

The trend of haphazardly running the schools without the approval of the concerned authority and imposing high fees to the students and parents is most prevalent in here.

Schools have been running without the approval of the District Education Office and on top of that they upgrade by adding the classes on their own without any information to the DEO. Despite of the prevalent breaking of the law, DEO has not been able to take any action on the schools.

According to an official of the DEO, schools have been taking approval for the primary level first and then get things arranged in a covert manner with the officials of the DEO.

The locals say that the lack of regular monitoring and evaluation from the District Education Office has led to the problem. Also, the DEO has been publicly announcing the education rules and regulations only at the time of the admission however it remains pretty much dormant through out the year and becomes almost heedless to the local complains about the issues with the schools.

Bijay Kishor Jha who is a former teacher and the district chairman of the senior citizen organization, says that these schools have been playing with the future of the students along with cheating on parents and DEO has been very careless to it.

District Education Officer Ram Binay Singh states that the office has been making awareness announcements time and again for the parents to not get their students admitted to the illegal schools. However, parents have been careless about it. He also committed that the DEO will soon take action to those school running without approval.

(Source: Gorkhapatra)