Schools of Manang turning into Boarding Schools



Manang, Jestha 10: With quality education being a necessity in today's world, the school of Manang are turning into boarding schools. This concept has been brought by four secondary level schools of Manang.  

The principal of the Lokpriya Secondary School, Suresh Thapa, said that as the school had the low attendance of students and was being assisted by the students of other schools rather than the local students, it was necessary to turn the school into boarding school.
"Due to its mountainous location and geographical condition the students have a problem in reaching the schools, which is the main reason behind the need of a boarding school”, said Chairperson of Chame Rural Municipality, Lokendra Ghale. 

Lokpriya Secondary school located in Chame Rural Municipality has already turned into a boarding school.

Education Coordination Unit has informed that other 3 schools: Annapurna Secondary School of Nisyang Rural Municipality, Prakash Jyoti and Bhanu Secondary School of Naso Rural Municipality are in process to be a boarding school.

Education Coordination Unit informed that as some of the schools in the district are without students, turning them into a boarding school would make it accessible for the students and help overcome the geographical problem. 
There is a lack of students in some schools whereas, in some schools, there is the lack of teachers and by merging those schools and turning them into boarding, both problems will be solved, said Chairperson of Naso Rural Municipality Mr Chandra Ghale. 

Education Coordination Unit, Manang said it has forwarded the concept of residential schools with an aim to provide quality education in all four Rural Municipalities of Manang.