Schooling only after the age of 11 – Lack of accessible routes hindering education



Raangbusa(Sindhupalchowk)- School-aged children of Raangbusa of Bhotekoshi Rural Municipality- 02, Tatopani are being unable to enroll in the school earlier. There is rarely who enrolled at school before the age of 11. The main reason for this is due to the lack of school as Rangbusa lies in the rural area. From the place, it will take the minimum of 3 hours to reach to school. Students need to cross different rivers and need to fear of possible danger of a landslide. So, parents did not allow their children to send the school until they can cross the river by themselves.  

As per local Sunbir Tamang, due to the long distance and steep hill parents denied sending their child to school. He said, school is distant, the biggest challenge is crossing the river, they are sent to school after being able to cross the river by themselves.”  

There is no alternative to reach the Kodari Secondary School located at Chowkeedanda in Tatopani from Raangbusa. "It is very hard to go studying as we get sick because of travel fatigue " 18-year-old Sanchalakshmi Thami, who reached the Chowkeedanda walking 3 hours a day, said, "I just reached 9th grade when I should have passed the SEE." She said she was late for the admission as her parents didn't send her to school as she was too young. She added, "students of my own age already passed the SEE, and some have already started studying eleven. Students need to cross Liping, Rangbusha, Kharka including more than half a dozen river need to be crossed. In the rainy season, it is not possible. Thus, they didn’t go to school. There is the fear of landslide alongside fear of falling slope from the top. While crossing the river, water level raised above waist which creates the condition of children to put their clothes in their bag. Then, after reaching the school they replaced their wet clothes with school dress. There are 30 students going to school from Raangbusa. Many children do not go to school due to the lack of proper route.  

Many schooling age children are being deprived of going to school. The district was declared as literate on Asadh 02, 2071 without acknowledging the fact that children are not enrolled in the school. Lakhs have spent to declare as the literate area for the sake of being first however, locals are yet unaware of this.    

Children go to school with an empty stomach. They want to make their child literate however, they are not being able to due to their compulsion. GyanBahadur Thami said, ‘ Living in the distant,  the route is distant. Due to the challenging steep hill and river, we did not want them to go.” The children cannot go to the far, there should be the provision for running classes itself in Raangbusa which will make a lot easier and accessible for the children living there. There are few children to pass the SEE. Majority leave the school half-way. 

This is the reason children of Raangbusa feel inferior compared to students from other areas, informed the principal of Kodari Secondary School, Naindra Tamang. To avoid such circumstances, we give counseling to the students time and again.