School shut down to host Entertainment Fair



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Jajarkot, Dec 27 (RSS): The Tribhuvan Higher Secondary School in Jajarkot has been shut down for a whole week in order to organise an entertainment fair. As a result, hundreds of students have been deprived of education. 

The school was shut down for six days starting December 26 to organise the fair called Jajarkot festival. Instead of constructing specific site for such events in other locations of the district, the school is being shut down every year in the name of entertainment fair, civil society leader Rajendra Bikram Shah said. 

The festival is being inaugurated today, according to President of Jajarkot Chamber of Commerce Karna Bahadur Khatri. He however said that the school premises had to be used for lack of proper space elsewhere. The organisers also claimed that they would be paying rent to the school for using its premises. 

Volley ball competition, various cultural programmes, traditional dances are some attractions of the fair, which is being organised by the Chamber with the support of all the municipalities and rural municipalities in the district.