School runs with a single teacher



Mahottari, 6 Jestha (RSS): Rastriya Secondary School Bahadurgunj, located on Gaushala Mahottari is run by a single teacher for many years. This school was established before many years but currently, it is running with a  single secondary level teacher.

This school runs classes up to grade 10 and principal of this school Mr. Subha Karan Yadav is the only secondary-level teacher of this school. There are no lower secondary level teachers. The school runs with nine teachers in different posts.  School says studies have been affected due to lack of teachers. 

Principal Yadav agreed that despite having computer facilities in school, computer classes are not being conducted due to lack of teachers. Yadav also complained that he had informed the local bodies, district education office Mahottari and all the institutes linked with education but the school has not received any support yet.

Member of City Education Committee & Chairman of ward no. 10, Sekh Jalil, assures that recruiting teacher and sending teachers to this school will be the first priority of the municipality. Municipality says educational activities have been badly affected due to the absence of Education Chairperson Ganesh Mahato since a long time in his office.