School loses big plot of land due to encroachment



Dang, May 4 (RSS): Around 35 bigha (one bigha equals to 72,900 sq feet) of land that belongs to the Siddharatnanath Namuna Secondary School based in Narayanpur of Ghorahi Sub Metropolis-10, Dang has been encroached for years. The school property has been used to construct cemented buildings and pitched roads. 

It is reported that the ownership of such buildings constructed on the school's land is frequently transferred for sale, but the school is totally unaware about it. The school administration is helpless to respond this issue. School principal Top Bahadur KC said he has already visited the District Administration Office (DAO), Dang with the request to make initiation to make the return of encroached land. 

Though earlier, an all-party meeting organised by the then Narayanpur Village Development Committee and Tripur Municipality made efforts to bring back the ownership of encroached land to its rightful owner, but in vain. The encroachment has been taking place since 2036 BS.

The school has been deprived of utilising its property to arrange funds for paying its staffs. Besides, some people and organisations who have taken the school land (around 40 bigs) on lease have not paid the school for the past two years.