School for the intellectually disabled kids under crisis



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The only school for the kids with intellectual disabilities in the Nuwakot district has been in the economic crisis for a long time. The govenemnt has appointed only one helping staff for the sake of students which has led to problem for the operation of the school.

The school has been conducted by the parents of the students since 2068 B.S. as a private institution to class 1. There are currently 10 boys and 14 girls in the class from 3 to 32 years of age. Since, there is no any economic help from any side, the school is seeing many scarcities. According to the chairman of the management committee of the school, Purna Lal Shrestha, the lack of space, resources and teaching staff has made it hard for the school to keep going.

The increased need of care and support for the students requires sufficient staff. However, only one is appointed by the government and two of the teachers are placed by the internal sources.

The students are taught through the different creative activities such as visual demonstration, music, drawing, sports and therapy. This has led to remarkable positive changes in them which has encouraged the number of admissions in the school. However, the lack of space and infrastructure has caused many parents who are willing to admit their children hesitate.

The chairman of ward no. 5 Shiba Kumar Chitrakar has stated that the policy for helping such schools would be implemented in coming days.

(Source: RSS)