School Buildings to be constructed



Taplejung, Falgun 20: With the help of a Chinese Social Worker, two school buildings are going to be constructed in Taplejung.

With the coordination of the elected Member of the Representative of Taplejung, Yogeshkumar Bhattarai, and with the financial support of Chinese Social Worker, Duke, two school buildings are going to be built. The buildings are going to be built on Tribhuvan Secondary School in Meringden Rural Municipality and National Secondary School in Pedang Rural Municipality. Both the schools will have a two-storied building with 10 rooms each. With the finalization of the plans of the building to be built, a team with Yogeshkumar Bhattarai and Chinese social worker Duke went and discussed with the locals of both building sites. The team observed and studied the area of Tribhuvan Secondary School and National Secondary School along with the discussions with the locals. After the observation of the building site, the team has asked for the estimation required for the two-storied building with 10 rooms.