School building not constructed even after six years



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Ramgopalpur (Jaleshwor), Falgun 22: It has been six years since the construction of a Secondary school in Ramgopalpur but still it has not been completed. The partially finished construction is also now useless because the construction of the building was not completed in time. 

This condition arose when Mahendra National Higher Secondary School’s building which was to be constructed on the financial assistance of the Indian Government was not completed on time. The foundation which consisted of two-storied 22 rooms building was approved by the then ambassador Rakesh Sood on Paush 20, 2067 B.S. Now the room has bushes growing in it and some of the rooms as used as toilets. 

The Principal of the higher secondary school, Dhirendra Kumar Mandal, said that no matter how many times he visited the District Development Committee Mahottari, Contractor company and Consulate Office of Birgunj for the construction of the building, it was of no use. Since the building of the school was not constructed on time most of the structure of the building is now useless, he informed. 
 He said that for the first floor the foundation was raised and frames for doors and windows were built and also the centring of the roof was completed. Since the construction was not completed on time the windows and doors were damaged, rust had formed on the metal bars and the pillars had cracks in them causing them to be weak. The inscription made by the then ambassador Rakesh Sood had already been lost. A leader of Maobadi Centre, who had been helping for the construction of the building said that he was shocked to witness the negligence of the government offices and contractors. He added that the building had to be reconstructed. 

Though the Indian Embassy had agreed for the cost of the building to be Rupees 3 crores and 18 lacs, Koshi And Neupane Hari Hari J.V. a contractor company in Ratopul had accepted the contract for only 2 crores and 30 lacs. The contractor company claimed that the District Development Committee and the technical offices had made various excuses of not sending the required paper works to the embassy for the payments which resulted in the delay of the construction of the building. 

The contractor company, in the final moments, had handed over the contract to another contractor in the form of Petty contract which led to the obstacles in the construction of the building, said Leader of Maobadi Centre Chaudhari. Contractor Shikindra Yadav of Sonamai Bhoil who undertook the Petty Contract had done a low-quality work and the work had to be stopped due to which the condition of the building was now shabby. 

Local Development Officer of the then District Development Committee, Tirtharaj Bhattarai, was ready to give 80 lacs as advanced payment to the contractor but the contractor refused to do the work indicating that the expenses of the construction materials and the wages of the laborers were high. Former Engineer of the District Technical Office, Lakshman Kumar Seth, had submitted a report in his office on Chaitra 24, 2074 which had a mention of the contractor having received payments twice which was a total of 69 lacs and 87 thousand rupees and since the demand of payment was higher the work had been stopped.

Even though the Management Committee of the school, the Principal and the local resident had made frequent visits for the construction of the building the construction could still not be completed. Principal Mandal said that the condition has now been changed and the local level should take responsibility and move forward with the work. Since the schools were the responsibility of the local levels and after analyzing the condition of the studies he mentioned that the local level had to take the responsibility.