Rolpa's education sector yields pathetic results


Republica National Daily

ROLPA, May 13: In the last academic year, Grade Eight results of 24 community schools in Rolpa Municipality of the district were really disappointing. 

Out of 21 community schools in the municipality, 15 had zero percent pass rate in the last year's final exam of Grade Eight. Of the total 774 students who appeared in the exams, only 26 passed.

Balkalyan Model High School of the district headquarters is considered the best school in the district. A total of 141 students appeared in the examinations from that school. However, only 10 of them passed.

Another renowned school in the district is the Kotgaun-based Nepal High School. A total of 40 students appeared in the examinations from the school but only one of them managed to pass. Another school, Bamruk-based Rastriya High School had only seven students passed out of 58. All the schools had similar poor results. Even those who had passed the exams got very low marks, barely passing the exams. 

In the examinations, mathematics proved to be the weakest subject for many students, according to Lok Kumar Shrestha, a source person of Rolpa Municipality.  “A majority of students failed in mathematics but there are many subjects in which they failed. Many students got just one or two marks in those subjects.”