Result of various Engineering programs-2018: Pokhara University



Pokhara University, Office of the Controller of Examination published the results of Engineering Programs (ArchitectureBE Civil RuralBE Civil DHBE Civil and BE Computer) of various semesters. 

To view your result, download the result PDF from the link given below:

Architecture 1st  Architecture 2nd Architecture 3rd
  Architecture 4th   Architecture 5th  Architecture 6th  Architecture 7th
BE Civil Rural
BE Civil Rural_1st   BE Civil Rural_2nd  BE Civil Rural_3rd
BE Civil Rural_4th  BE Civil Rural_5th      BE Civil Rural_6th BE Civil Rural_7th
BE_Civil DH
BE_Civil DH_1st      BE_Civil DH_2nd  BE_Civil DH_3rd
BE_Civil DH_4th BE_Civil DH_5th   BE_Civil DH_6th  BE_Civil DH_7th
BE_Civil_1st BE_Civil_2nd BE_Civil_3rd
BE_Civil_4th  BE_Civil_5th   BE_Civil_6th
BE_Computer_1st   BE_Computer_2nd     BE_Computer_3rd     
BE_Computer_4th BE_Computer_5th   BE_Computer_6th