Result of KUUMAT on Merit Basis



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Kathmandu University School of Management today publishes the list of Applicants eligible for applying in KU Undergraduate Programs.

This is to notify that the following applicants have secured the minimum score in the first phase of the Admission proedure of the School and hence the Admission and Examination Committee find them eligible for applying in KU's undergraduate management programs; viz. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honors)-BBA (Hons*), Bachelor of Business Administration (Emphasis)-BBA (Emphasis)*, Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA and Bachelor of Business Information System-BBIS for fall 2017.

The applicants are informed to apply for admission in the programs. The list of eligible candidates in merit order is given below.

*For applying to KUSOM's BBA (Hons)/BBA (Emphasis), the candidate must have minimum score of 50th percentile or above.

Please note the following points for getting admission:

  1. Admission is subject to the availability of seats for the program and the concerned students metting other admission requirements
  2. Applicants seeking admission are required to submit a copy of KUUMAT entrance card while applying for admission.
  3. Applicants who have passed KUUMAT but are waiting for their 12th Grade or second year result may take admission on provisional basis. They are required to submit all the necessary documents within the time stipulated by KU failing which will result i the cancellation of their admission.
  4. Applicants of GCE Board (A level) examination who have passed KUUMAT but have not submitted official grade sheet issued by the Examination Board will require to get clearance from the University before applying for KU's Undergraduate Management Programs.

To view results download the PDF

Student List (KUUMAT).pdf