1053 resource centers being dissolved



Thousands of teachers appointed as the resource persons in the districts have been in the conundrum of what is to happen to their jobs. Since, the implementation of the federal law, all the school authoritative bodies have been transferred to the local government. As a result, the resource centers which are the education bodies under the District Education Office have been dissolved. This has led to the jobs of thousands of resource persons into inexplicable question .

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD) sent  a letter to the Education Ministry last week to call back the resource persons from their duties. This led them to protest for saving their jobs.

There are currently 1053 resource centers all over the country.A resource person acted as a mediator to collect the different data and statistics from the schools and submit the report to the DEO. A senior teacher from a community school or principal was designated for the work. However, currently this job has been handed over to the local level government.

The MoFALD has stated that the teachers in the resource person jobs should get back to their respective school on the teaching. However, the education ministry explains that the vacant position in the schools previously taken by the current resource persons have already been filled up which leads to the problem in the management of them. The speaker of the education ministry Dr. Hari Lamshal tells that they should not lose their jobs because of the change in the country’s structure. He said that the ministry is under deliberation to the problem solving and management of the resource persons.

(source: Gorkhapatra)