Request for amendment in curriculum (or course), unnecessary burden in the name of mandatory subject



Kathmandu: 11 different organizations have called for the attention of Prime Minister and Education Minister asking for the amendment to course changes in classes 11 and 12 and to stop adding unnecessary burden in the name of the mandatory subject. 

The school curriculum should be science and technology friendly.  If the students of Biology want to study mathematics, then s/he should be allowed to study. The curriculum of science should be as before. They had submitted the written draft listing 7 demands. The curriculum draft has not mentioned the basic subjects which are necessary for students.  

“Science without Mathematics is just like a building without the foundation.” In the memorandum letter, it is written that there is an effort in curriculum draft to remove the mathematics subject in which base of students won’t be good. 

Assistant Professor, Khagendra Adhikari informed that different departments such as Nepal Mathematics Society, President Prof. Dr, Tanka Nath Dhamala, Chairman of Nepal Physics Society, Prof. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Bhattarai, Central Department of  Environmental Science, Representative of Tribhuvan University, Dr.  Suman Man Shrestha and Central Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Nabraj Paudel ,Head of Central Department of Physics Prof. Dr Binil Aryal, Head of Central Department of Biology Pro. Dr. Krishna Daya Manandhar including the heads of 10 organizations and departments jointly presented the amendment letter.  

The Association of Scientific Society, Nepal has also announced the disagreement of making the basic subjects of the science and technology courses of the National Curriculum of School Education 2075 Class 11 and 12 as optional. Prior to this, Nepal Physics Sciences Society, Nepal Professor Association, Valmiki-Vidyapeeth, Nepal Chemical Society and the society demanded the amendment propulsively.

They argued that in the century of Science and Technology, the need of curriculum should be done accordingly. The curriculum needs to be science and technology friendly for the development of skilled manpower.

In the memorandum letter, it is mentioned that instead of marching towards the sector of science and technology, it is reversing. As stated in amendment letter, the curriculum has been drafted in such a way that in the name of the compulsory subject, the students are being obliged to study irrelevant subjects.  

Under the leadership of Education Minister, the Council of Curriculum Development and Evaluation, which held the meeting on Jestha 18 concluded to remove the subjects like Mathematics and Information Technology.