Relief quota teachers, police clash in New Baneshwor


The Kathmandu Post

KATHMANDU, Tension ran high at New Baneshwor in the Capital on Monday after the agitating government relief quota teachers clashed with police during a protest rally. Situation in the area became tense when the agitating teachers attempted to breach the prohibited zone—an area marked by the district administration as “no protest zone”. The clash erupted when police tried to stop the agitating teachers, who began their rally from Maitighar Mandala, from moving towards the prohibited zone.

Police lobbed tear gas shells and used water cannon to disperse the protesters. Khemraj Adhikari, chairman of the Nepal Relief Teachers Central Struggle Committee, told the Post that some of the teachers were injured when police fired teargas shells at them.

The teachers working at public schools under the government relief quota have been demanding that the government add a provision in the Federal Education Bill to make them permanent through internal competition. According to the relief quota teachers’ association, there are around 40,000 teachers across the country who are working under relief quota.

Protesting relief quota teachers scramble as security personnel use water cannon to stop their march from proceeding towards New Baneshwor, a ‘no protest’ zone, on Monday. They have been organising protests demanding the government add a provision in the Federal Education Bill whereby they could become permanent teachers through internal competition.

~`The Kathmandu Post