Regular classes disrupted following mass hysteria at Himali school



Waling (Syangja), May 29 (RSS): Regular classes at Himali Secondary School based at Ratne Dovan area of Waling – 4 were disrupted following a mass hysteria witnessed among the students. 

At least 21 girl students from Grade 6 to 10 suffered from mass hysteria on Monday forcing the school to close. 

"We mainly witnessed the girls suffering from headache, they wept and fell with giddiness," School Principal Khagendra Dhungana said adding, "A medical team from Waling Primary Health Centre carried out medical examinations after such problems were seen." 

The school said such symptoms were seen in two to three students on Sunday as well. "This is a physiological problem seen in young girls and boys nearing puberty age," Waling Primary Health medical practitioner Devendra Prasad Bhattarai said.