Reduction of grant affects community schools


Himalayan News Service

HIMALAYAN NEWS SERVICE, Bara, Kalaiya Sub-Metropolitan City is allocating only 75 percent of grant amount to purchase textbooks for community schools in Bara.

Reduction of grant amount by 25 per cent has hit students of public schools hard.

Head teacher Hari Kishor Kunwar at Nepal National Secondary School in Manaharwa, Kalaiya said reduction of grant money had affected studies at community schools. After the sub-metropolis released grant amount to only 75 per cent students many students at community schools are in trouble.

According to Kunwar, the District Education Office in the past used to allocate enough grant money. “In the past the budget allocated under education reform head was adequate to buy school textbooks. Now, the budget under such title is no longer sanctioned by the DEO giving schools a hard time in providing textbooks to students,” Kunwar said.

Head teacher of Nepal National Primary School in Kalaiya, Mina Chaudhary also said textbook budget was not sufficient. “Even the fund meant for scholarship is yet to be relased,” Chaudhary said.

Education Department Chief Prahald Barnawal at the sub-metropolis, however, said they had sanctioned money as per the provisions in the education regulation.

There are 71 community schools in Kalaiya sub-metropolis.