Record of Teachers who neglect teaching being kept by students



Phalewas Parbat, 28 Jestha: Janata Sudarshan Primary School of Parbat Kusma Municipality-12, have been keeping the record of teachers.

The team of supervisors who reached Kusma Municipality, from Municipal Education Branch, were shown the record of the teachers who taught well and also of those who were not loyal towards their work, by the students of the school. 

It is seen that the students keenly observed the daily activities of teachers and also did the evaluation.

The team who had reached for the observation of the school found out that students appreciated the teachers who taught well and had kept the records of teachers who were dishonest. 

"Students gave the details of the teachers who taught well and also of those who didn’t," Chairperson of Municipal Education, Rajendra Chettri said, “Teachers need to teach the students carefully acknowledging that students keep their record."

The inspection team took the information in regard to quality of education, teaching skills and its achievement of the school of Janata Sudarshan Primary, Khaulalankuri Primary and Panchakoshi Primary School.

“There is a necessity for the teachers to improve their teaching pattern and make necessary preparation before going to the classes,” said chairperson, Chettri. 

While inspecting the schools, it was found that to improve the quality of education, good practices were being followed and best students were also found. If the students are given better environment by teachers, schools, and parents, then there will be lots of improvement in the education said, one of the source persons, Prem Sharma Subedi.  

“Community schools have also been making a lot of effort to improve the quality of education”, He said, “ It should continue as there is the need for more good practices in school."

During supervision, there was the discussion between the concerned authority on students’ learning level, problems of school and measures that could be taken to resolve it and how the physical and other aspects of the school could be improved. 

There was the presence of Officer of Municipal Education, Rajendra Bahadur Chettri, source persons, Prem Sharma Subedi, Ram Prasad Lamichhane and Kumar Upadhyaya and journalists, during the inspections. 

Kumar Upadhyaya informed that the inspections have become effective to take the initiative of school’s good practice to other school and encourage them to adopt such practices as well.