Rajesh Hamal gets five – year – old admitted to school



Jitpur, April 21 (RSS): Nepali film industry's star, Rajesh Hamal, better known as the 'Mahanayak' or 'Great Actor' on Friday got a boy admitted to a school. 

Hamal admitted five – year – old Raj Tharu at the Gautam Buddha Secondary School at Gorusinghe area of Buddhabhumi municipality – 2 after taking over the guardianship of the child. Tharu was enrolled in grade one. 

"I had this desire since long. Now Nepal Government's policy has given me a great opportunity," Hamal said, adding "I will be greatly concerned over Raj; I will look after him with special interest and I will provide him with a good guardianship." 

After signing a document legally confirming him as Raj's guardian, the actor handed him a school bag, textbooks and stationery. 

Raj's mother Laxmi said the actor also provided them with some cash for taking care of the child. 

On the occasion, Buddhabhumi municipality's Mayor, Keshav Kumar Shrestha, Deputy Mayor, Mira Chaudhary, Coordination Unit Chief, Surendra Parajuli, School Principal, Ram Prasad Aryal, Source Individual, Khemraj Poudel, said the actor's undertaking has excited them all.